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Airoh Mx Series RD 4 Warwick

For Round 4 of the Airoh Mx 2018 we travelled the 8.5 hour drive from central Queensland to Warwick to ride our two wheeled machines.

After driving 7 hours coming into Toowoomba the rain was so heavy we thought this is going to be a mud feast but once coming up the hill into Warwick the sun was out.

We decided to head to the track Friday afternoon and set up making it easy Saturday morning. That afternoon we walked the track to inspect only cause we had not raced this track for a long time.

Saturday morning came around and practice sessions had started we where up around 5th. Practice went well learning the track with only 3 laps to do it in.

Race 1 came around did not get the greatest starts was around 5th - 6th place bike did not have the pulling power it should have we had the jetting a little out but managed to get the the front and ride a mistake free moto.

Race 2 came around dad had the bike signing after race 1 managed a better start was 2nd around first corner quickly made my way to the front and rode a solid race maintaining the cap.

Race 3 Track got a little dusty so tire placement needed to be spot on, got a great start but managed 2nd around the first corner, quickly making my way to the front doing the same as race 2 and maintained my distance.

We came away with some valuable points this weekend on the championship looking forward to the next rounds.

Like to thank everybody on my program including Wayne Rosenberg and Jenny Rosenberg, Jenny lost here battle with cancer this week thanks heaps for your continued support over the last few years RIP Jenny Rosenberg


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