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Rounds 2 & 3 Australian Supercross 2018

Round 2 kicked into gear at the sunny Coolum Circuit of the Australian Supercross series bringing huge crowds of spectators.

The skyes did not look the best but the rains stayed away brining some great racing to the beach side community.

With the 3 race format I made some mistakes in the rhythm lanes each race costing me some valuable time on the tight supercross circuit but managed to come away with 2nd overall for round 2.

Round 3 was held at the renowned Geelong Football stadium in Victora, this event is held under lights brining some huge crowds excess of 12 500 people.

Was as a great experience with the great crowds flocking to the stadium catching some great racing of all glasses.

I managed my day carefully because it was a very long day so resting between racers was at my high importance ready for the night show.

With some great starts I managed to hit all my marks on the rhythm lanes which made me love the track layout giving me 3 race wins and the overall for round 3.

Like like to thank everybody that contributes to my program in 2018.

Round 4 held a South Australia Gillman Circuit come down and watch a great event.

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