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2023 Race Schedule Update

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Hey all, just an update on Brad's Racing Schedule for 2023. As everyone knows he sustained a major foot injury during Australian Supercross Series last year, rehab went all well and started riding again 2 weeks ago, the initial plan was to compete at Supercross Futures at Glendale but with the high demand of training and lack of Supercross time the decision was made to sit out for Futures and focus on getting ready for the Road to Loretta Lynns 2023.

Coming up on April 1st they have the Midwest Qualifier then April 2nd the Southwest Qualifier

Brad will be racing 250A,450A,Pro Sport and Open Pro, Jason is also over there doing the qualifier as well and will be racing 250 Limited, 450 Limited and possibly Schoolboy 2.

With Loretta's you can only compete in 2 classes no matter how many you qualify for.

The Cal Classic located at the Great Glen Helen will be coming up on April 14th which has been a good weekend for Brad to achieve some more gate drop.

Once more races are announced and plans are made more updates will be out for you to follow the journey head over to Instagram Bradwest45.

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