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Hi Guys..... Just thought I would drop you a line of what's been happening in the last 3 months in my life with riding.

So as you may not be aware in late November 2021 I was practicing Supercross in Sothern California on a private SX track when I landed off a 3 foot rhythm lane and my left wrist gave way, it broke and dislocated resulting in the below picture....

After x-rays we decided to plate and quickly get into rehab mode ready for SX futures. This allowed to to return to riding around December 27th 2021. With little time on supercross I was a little behind with track time leading into SX futures.

We decided to enter the event to qualify me for the final round on May 7th, 2022 at Salt Lake city.

We attended Anaheim and Glendale which was great events and learnt so much about managing my day at SX.

So we are back on outdoors now ready to put the work in for the up and coming events.

We are leading into racing Freestone and Springading amateur events located in Texas in March so I will keep you posted.

Thanks to everyone that help me with my program. I look forward to 2022.


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